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Steve Rigazzi


Steve Ragazzi has had an absolutely adventure filled life and career. Growing up in Oklahoma Steve had a very musical family. His mother, a pianist would frequently sit down at the piano with him; his uncle, a band director, started him into the band world; but it was his dad who passed on a love of jazz playing it throughout the house as he grew up. Though originally started off by playing the Tuba in the United States Airforce Band he switched to the Bass shortly after and was absolutely hooked. 

Throughout his career he has played for Royalty like Englands's Prince Edward, Israel's Head of State Ehud Barak, and celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Lauren. He even ended up in Sophia Lorens movie, "Aurora"!

Living in Italy for 6 years he played alongside some of Italy's best and was even asked to play with the Legendary Chet Baker! He's played world tours taking him across 9 countries and 3 continents circumventing the globe and racking up sky miles. Yet out of all the places he's played, Kansas City still has his heart. 

Playing at all the top clubs in Kansas City he plays with Red Velvet, Steve Rigazzi Duo and his own mash up of Jazz and Classical called the Aurora Consort. 

He is known as the "comic relief" in most bands he plays in and has forged a following with his original, tuneful takes on life. His style is adaptable, easy to listen to and as free as his lifestyle. He makes a great addition to the Red Velvet group. 

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